Bioshock Infinite – Steam Controller

Bioshock Infinite is an amazing game, highly detailed, visually stunning and a storyline that is hugely engrossing. Employing a dual-wield combat system, its a perfect choice to play using the Steam Controller.

I’ve had the game in my steam library for about 6 years, so that gave me the perfect opportunity to review the existing community profiles for the game. The top hit based on gameplay hours was from BLU3.

This is a decent config to start with as it covers the settings for dual-wield perfectly. Somewhat akin to a Skyrim config, it just feels natural to have left and right controls binded natively. The native A,B,X,Y are mapped as you would expect on any XBox controller and the mouse is set to the right trackpad.

Left trackpad is set to the standard keyboard gaming mappings if you wish to use this for movement. You could enable rotation on the trackpad should you wish, but I rarely used it, preferring to stick with the joystick movement on the left.

The Gyro control was one that I heavily utilised. It proved very popular with me when shooting from a distance of a few metres as it was so accurate. These were all stock values and surprisingly worked well.

Having played with the Steam controller for a couple of years now, the gyro settings below have started to become standard. Its a marmite feature for me, on or off, depending on the game. I rarely tweak it from the default as it either works beautifully or like a brick.

Advanced gyro settings are left alone, sticking to the defaults works well in Bioshock Infinite. The biggest challenge is remembering its turned on when you first start playing!

Gyro Advanced

The mouse settings bound to Right Trackpad, again, not much tweaking from defaults required here. Slight increase on the sensitivity, although that’s mostly down to personal preference. Friction vertical scale is ramped up to close to max and helps hugely on the Skyline travel. Think this is my new sweet-spot for this setting on other games.


Advanced mouse settings are mostly default. The edge-spin radius is set to allow you to provide a constant input to mirror a right joystick on a traditional gamepad.

The Right Pull feature is really useful once you get to grips with it and when it works as it should. It effectively allows you to enable “look down sights” or “zoom aim” that you’ll find in most games. The implementation however can be hit and miss, I found it lacking when I needed it and over-zealous when I didn’t need it.

“Soft Pull Trigger Style” does allow you to switch between these ratio’s and it does work well. If its not bringing up the zoom mode as much as you would like, changing trigger style to be more aggressive will solve this.

In close combat, the last thing you want to see is a zoom in of your foe’s chest or groin. The best option is to experiment, make a choice and learn to play with it in that mode. It does take a little getting used to, either to embrace it, or like me, hardly ever end up using it.