Logitech G613 Function Keys

Logitech G613 Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are renowned for their sturdy, accurate and responsive output, especially when it comes to gaming. I’m a couch gamer therefore a wireless mechanical keyboard is my only suitable option. Corsair and Logitech both offer appealing wireless mechanical keyboard options. The time has come to upgrade, for no other reason than I really want one.

Logitech G613 Full

Manufacturer Blurb

G613 is a next generation wireless keyboard designed for gamers who demand both the high performance capabilities of mechanical switches and the freedom of wireless gaming. G613 features LIGHTSPEED wireless technology for super fast report rate and Bluetooth for multi-host connectivity, advanced Romer-G mechanical performance, 6-programmable G-keys, and amazing battery life.

Full-Size Heavyweight Keyboard

This full-size keyboard is a monster in size and weight. I moved from a trusty Logitech K380 and this has much bigger keys and is therefore wider than the slimline keyboard I am accustomed to. Gaming keyboards, especially the wireless variety, rarely come with numpad sections, so this is a welcome surprise.

I used a laptop recently at work which was missing the Numpad and it felt alien. Like an amputee with a ghost part, it was strange reaching for keys that just weren’t there.

The weight is the next big difference, it’s very heavy! Its time to start doing squats to take the weight of this new keyboard on long sessions. It’s not an uncomfortable weight by any means, it’s reassuring and feels solid.

Battery Life

One of the big selling points is the quoted battery life of 18 months. Clearly this is a rough estimate and there’s not a lot of details on how this was calculated. On past experiences with Logitech devices, they do last a very long time, months at a time.

It doesn’t have RGB lighting, which may explain why it can last so long, but the quoted 18 months seems very long. I can’t recall changing my Logitech K360 batteries in all the time I’ve owned it, so maybe it’s an accurate estimate.


The G613 uses Romer-G Tactile switches, which are mechanical and tested with eSports gaming team C9. There’s an excellent review on Tom’s Hardware going into more detail on the switches themselves.

These are tactile switches, not linear, so there is a bump feel once you’ve provided the relevant amount of force needed to move forward (a.k.a press “W”).

Whilst gaming, they feel great. The keys are large, feel solid and provide that tactile response when pressed. They’re remarkably comfortable too with the spacing just right, you’re not over stretching fingers to something akin to a ninja throwing a death star.

The facts on Logitech’s Romer-G are impressive. Rated at 70 million key-presses compared to the 50 million rated, and highly-regarded Cherry MX switches. That’s a lot more run jump and duck’s! I was mesmerised watching how this test is performed and why I absolutely loved this video.

Ultimately, it’s how the keys feel that are important and I’m very impressed with the feel and usage of these Romer-G switches. They’re smooth, silent and provide enough feedback all through the key-press.


There’s a lot of customisation options with the G613 through the 6 function keys. They are configured using the Logitech G Hub software and are useful for various commands in-game. I use the custom buttons on the Logitech G602 mouse extensively. I’m doubtful that these keys will get as much finger love from me given that it’s tricky to know when you’re hitting the middle keys of G2 or G4 without looking.

Six dedicated G-keys can be programmed with custom macros and in-app commands. Execute complex actions, simply and quickly, with a keystroke. G-keys can be assigned per game or app profile for customizability and convenience. Use Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) to easily setup and manage profiles, commands and more.

Special buttons or custom programmed buttons should be intuitive to press without looking. Like changing gear in a car, you need to know where they are without looking and accidentally shifting into the wrong gear. I’m a master at this when driving and perhaps will also gain this skill with this keyboard, but my muscle memory will need some serious training to accurately hit those G keys.


I’m not one for flashy LED bling with gaming kit. Keyboard lighting does have its place especially as I play in a darkened living room, late into the night.

It would benefit from a having the option for a slight glow, after all, its wireless. Hardcore desk-based gamers will use USB connectivity all day long. This is for those users, like me, who wont give up the comfort level the sofa offers.

The benefit of seeing keys on the keyboard in my darkened surroundings is appealing. I also enjoy a tipple of beer, craft beer and maybe the odd bourbon on weekend gaming sessions which makes lighting almost essential. It also explains why I struggle with competitive online play, especially when I consider myself to be a gaming master on these late nights.

The Logitech G613 doesn’t have lighting, I know this. But it has an insane battery life, probably because it doesn’t have lighting. Would I end up turning it off to save battery life given the option? Yes, most of the time.

I’ve lived this far without lighting, so why not continue the trend? It’s a dilemma that will come down to personal choice.


The G613 uses Logitech Lightspeed technology which boasts a 1ms response time. I’ve always found the latency hard to measure and detect, but with such low values it should be negligible in-game.

Connect to LIGHTSPEED wireless for super fast 1 ms report rate or swap to another device with the push of a button using Bluetooth® connectivity. Toggle between high-performance LIGHTSPEED wireless via USB receiver and Bluetooth— quickly and easily.

Lightspeed branding refers to the 2.4GHz wireless connection employed to get such low latency. It’s generally the defacto standard for gaming wireless devices these days andi encountered no WiFi interference in use.

The optional Bluetooth connection to another device is useful if you’re a multi-functioning master. I hardly ever use Bluetooth these days except for mobile phone pairing. On a gaming keyboard, Bluetooth should not be used for games. Controlling your TV or some other media functionality seems sensible, but in reality, I’ve never used this combination.

Wrist Rest

Never underestimate the importance of good posture and benefits a good wrist rest can offer when gaming and indeed even typing. It can make the difference between a comfortable, enjoyable gaming session versus limiting your ability to master this move;

I have a custom-made gaming board which has the perfect space to rest my wrists and therefore use comfortably. I’m a genius with MDF and proud of my JigSaw skills.

The G613 wrist rest is comfortable and well designed. However, its large and takes up a lot of desk space (or lap in my instance). The rest is built-in and sadly, can’t be removed.

Logitech G613 Numpad

I’d like to see the option to remove the wrist rest depending on usage. Its a colossal keyboard in terms of size, but there is something about that which makes it feel good. Such a big wrist rest for a wireless, lap-gaming setup will only work if you have the leg or gaming-board real-estate to accommodate it.


The excellent Logitech G613 wireless keyboard is a beast. The long battery life, sturdy build, excellent mechanical keys and addition of a numpad make this keyboard stand-out. Its fast, feels responsive yet quiet, plus, it’s a pleasure to use when gaming at a desk. I struggled with negatives and could only find them purely based on my own gaming style and setup.