Fallout 76- Steam Controller

Using the Bethesda launcher means that you need to add a non-steam shortcut to use the Steam Controller for Fallout 76. This process in itself can cause some issues, the biggest one is how it tests your patience.

Adding Fallout 76 as a Steam Shortcut

Find and assign your Fallout76.exe shortcut within your Bethesda install directory (assuming you installed there). The shortcut will eventually launch but you will be taken back to Big Picture mode whilst it’s starting up. Rest easy as it will start, but as you’re doing this outside the Bethesda launcher, you will have to manually login.

It’s a pain doing this through the controller, but you can configure an auto-login process by modifying (or creating it, if it doesn’t exist) this .ini file;

[Documents Folder]\My Games\Fallout 76\Fallout76Custom.ini

Include these lines; (I’ll leave you to work out which parts to change)





Getting Started

I started out using a basic Steam Controller template for Fallout 76 will only exclusively use keyboard or gamepad mode, not both at the same time. This is a slight pain as the controller works very well in this mixed mode for most games.

Keyboard & Mouse Template

Using this mode provides the best response, both on the trackpad and gyro movement. From experience, this is the golden standard for most games, however it takes a lot of setup. Getting keyboard controls configured to each button can be tedious. Remembering what you set is also extremely difficult. You need to add additional “activators” to enable menu controls. For example, escape can be added as the start button, but you need to map Z to then enable access to the main menu.

Whilst this mode was as smooth as melting butter during gameplay, I just couldn’t remember what button combination allowed me to get to the main menu, switch PIP Boy modes or even enable photo mode. Hence, I abandoned this template, with some shame I might add. If your memory is any better than a goldfish, you may fare better than\n I did choosing this route.

Gamepad Template

The gamepad template worked really well for my poor memory skills and what I lost in the smooth buttery-ness of mouse-mode, it was more than made up for with ease of knowing what to press. First off, this is the first time in a long while that I’ve used the exclusive gamepad mode and it does take some adjusting (yes, more adjusting to the SC!).

Typically, the right track pad in this mode forces you to change sensitivity in game, but Fallout 76 doesnt have this option, so you’re forced to change min x and y values in minimal input settings to accomplish the same outcome. Its somewhat scientific as I’ve seen profiles with massive increases that just didnt work for my style, but the ones I settled on seemed to suit me.

Main Settings

These settings were pretty much straight out of the box except I changed left paddle for the right stick click. Personal preference in that I struggle to use the click on the trackpad. in Fallout 76, this is enabling sneak.

Right Trackpad

Having this set to mouse joystick is the only option that works in gamepad mode. You’ll see you can’t change sensitivity here nor could I see it in game so there’s more tweaks in advanced settings to accomplish a higher sensitivity output.

Trackpad Advanced

This is where the tinkering to get increased sensitivity pays off. Increased minimum X and Y output and slightly reduced dampening.


Pretty standard stuff here, haptics set to my medium preference.

Gyro Advanced

With the other settings enabled, this is left at default settings which worked well for my precision gyro aiming. You can experiment with dampening here if it’s too much / little for your liking.