Tom Clancy’s Wildlands

The recommended profile to use from Ubisoft is broken. The command wheel doesn’t work if you decide to brave it and ignore this advice. The fix for this is to use a standard XBox profile which has the same features, but just doesn’t list each action in the profile editor. But honestly, it’s essentially the same profile.





First things, enable the mouse input on the right track pad.  I turn down the sensitivity a couple of notches and as always, I like to feel a slight rumble, so medium haptics is my choice here.



Into the advanced settings, just make sure they fit your gaming style which you will learn with each game. For me, I have the trackpad vertical sensitivity turned down a couple of notches to prevent wild upwards motions.  Smoothing for me is personal choice as I find it slightly slower, but more precise.  I also enable edge spin speed and radius as this mimics a standard controller, so you can hold the edges of the right track pad for rotation.




For the gyro settings, these are set to mouse (obviously!), but with a slight reduction in sensitivity.  What worked well is using the trackpad as the enable button, as the reduced sensitivity seemed to let the controller flow.  Again, medium haptics, mostly to remind me I’m in gyro mode!


Gyro advanced had me turning the veritcal down a notch and smoothing up slightly.  This is probably personal preference for me as I dont tend to move the controller up that much when in gryo mode.