The Division 2 – No Sound Issue / Bug

Having had the game since launch, I found The Division 2 had a sound issue / bug. I couldn’t get sound through my headset in-game. I have a Logitech G933, yet if you switch to TV sound within Windows, the sound magically appears.

It’s unplayable without sound and hopefully Ubisoft will resolve it quickly. This workaround fixes The Division 2 sound issue for Logitech headsets.

It appears this bug is related to the way Logitech or Ubisoft handle surround sound with headsets. There’s lots of stuff online about changing VOIP to off or closing Logitech Gaming software.

Neither of these worked for me, but lots of people found installing the beta of Logitech GHub seems to resolve the issue. I did that and left my original Logitech Gaming Software installed and as if by magic, this resolves the issue. You can download Logitech GHub below.