Untitled Goose Game

Don’t like Geese? Neither do this lot….

Whilst between games, I stumbled across this and Untitled Goose Game is an absolute gem. Do you need to like Geese to enjoy it, the answer is no. If you like causing absolute mayhem, mild destruction and generally being an arse in games, then this game is definitely for you!

Its been hovering around the top seller charts on all platforms recently and I can see why. Its rare to find a game that drags you in so deeply and comprehensively. Its such a simple premise, to wander around and be as much of a nuisance as possible.

Goose mayhem
An everyday occurance

Its a game that encourages you to play the fool, allowing you to interact with nearly everything and annoy every single character you meet. Kind of like how you play a casual multiplayer in freeplay mode but try and destroy everything or mess with the world around you. In Untitled Goose Game, you are encouraged and rewarded to do just that. Absolute genius!


The developers have the premise, style, mechanics, sound effects and challenges delivered perfectly in Untitled Goose Game. They have taken a bird which, lets face it, is probably the most hated of all birds. Especially if you’ve ever visited a park containing a lake, with a slice of bread in hand and attempted to feed anything but a goose, you will no doubt empathize.

Picnic Goose
Welcome to Goose Heaven

Prepare yourself for a goose-specific paradigm shift. It was truly a revelation how much I enjoyed starting out as our irritating feathered friend and realizing how interactive the small world in front me actually was.

The humans in the game generally don’t appear to like Geese. To be fair, I was the most annoying Goose the world has ever seen, perhaps on the edge of psychologically unstable many would say. With all that taken into account, my first ten minutes of playing, I was sure I was going to be killed with either a spade or lawnmower by the Gardener.

Water Gardener
Water Sports Optional

To my surprise, he was the most tolerant gardener in the world. He would give chase whenever something was stolen that he needed, he would rage when he was soaked, but most importantly of all, he would be forgiving. This key fact makes Untitled Goose Game so enjoyable. I was effectively an immortal goose. The confidence this gives you, knowing you are immortal, the untouchable, combined with natural goose attitude elevates you to another world.

The world is split into a number of areas, typically those which you would find Geese. A garden area, a high street, house back gardens, a pub and a model village. Each area has a number of tasks for you to perform. Similar to a puzzle, but not a puzzle. Rather a checklist of annoying things for you terrorise the local community with.

Typical goose deeds for the day

The world is interactive and best yet, its all at goose-level. Either on the ground or goose-height. Soon you will be transfixed by the flip-flapping sound of your webbed feet as you explore this quiet village. There are lots of things to do outside your given quests which can unlock hidden todo-list-items. Others, you can mess with just for your own sick enjoyment.

Everything is fair game and everyone is a potential victim

Each area is clearly thought out, basic in its controls, but provides freedom to let your evil streak run wild. As the game progresses, each area becomes more complex, the villagers a little smarter. Should you be caught, they will either shout, shoo or usher you away from your latest fun activity depending on which area you have reached.

Your sheer cunning and invincibility peaks brilliantly when you reach the model village. Wandering around a scaled down village not far off the one you’ve just terrorized, the scale aspect confirming your legendary status.

Fear me villager!